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Volunteers & Staff of the DDL

The DEMOLITION DERBY LEAGUE, its staff and volunteers are proud you are visiting the site today! We are working hard to make sure this organization is the best it can be. The League could not operate without the extraordinary efforts of its many contributors including:

Justin Baker – Member Services, Televised Events
Grace Beecham – Live Events, Member Services, Televised Events
Scott Coho – Members Services
Tod Cole – Members Services, Televised Events
John Curran – Member Services
Casey Disastro – Member Services, Live Events
Dino Disastro – Member Services, Televised Events
Dudley Disastro – Member Services, Sponsorships
Houston Disastro – Live Events, Televised Events
Michelle Disastro – Televised Events
Sam Elrod – Member Services, Televised Events
Jessica Engles – Member Services, Televised Events
Randy Gloden – Member Services, Sponsorships
Jason Jacobs – Licensing, Sponsorships
Robert Kennedy – Licensing, Sponsorships
Kari Lindsey – Live Events, Licensing, Sponsorships
Ben Lancaster – Live Events, Member Services
Brenda Madden – Member Services
Christopher Marquat – Member Services
Kevin Martin – Member Services
William Middleton – Live Events, Televised Events
Chrissy Porcelli – Member Services
Mitch Pryor – Televised Events
Matthew Rogers – Member Services
Jeremy Scott – Member Services
Jason Smothers – Member Services
Russell Snow – Member Services
Jennifer Whittus – Televised Events

Thank you to all for your hard work!

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