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Published on December 30th, 2014 | by DDL HQ


DDL Announces List of Top 10 Demolition Derbies for 2014

Over 12,000 derby fans help name Blizzard Bash in Topeka, Kansas the “BEST DEMOLITION DERBY IN THE WORLD”

NASHVILLE, TN USA – The DEMOLTION DERBY LEAGUE is pleased to announce that Blizzard Bash in Topeka, Kansas USA has been voted the 2014 winner of the “BEST DEMOLITION DERBY IN THE WORLD”.  The prestigious award is presented to the combative motorsport event that most captures the thrill, excitement and sportsmanship associated with the world of demolition derby.

In total, 352 events in 13 countries were nominated and 12,217 people were involved in a selection process that occurred during the month of December 2014.  Based on the results, the top demolition derby events in the world for 2014 are as follows:


  1.  Blizzard Bash – Topeka, Kansas USA

  2.  Fall Brawl – Lindsay, Ontario CANADA

  3.  Bash For Cash – Washington Court House, Ohio USA

  4.  Keystone Nationals – Brookville, Pennsylvania USA

  5.  Winter Slam – Garden City, Minnesota USA

  6.  National Bangers – Ipswich, Suffolk UK

  7.  T Bone Memorial – Oskaloosa, Iowa USA

  8.  Redneck Rumble – Sturgis, Kentucky USA

  9.  Crossroads of Destruction – Albert Lea, Minnesota USA

  10.  Demolicar – Sumare, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

“The world of demolition derby is smashing great!” says Dudley Disastro, Commissioner of the DEMOLITION DERBY LEAGUE.  “The fan response to the voting process was outstanding and our list of top derbies really represents the cream of the crop.  The international events ranked in the top ten also demonstrate that banger racing, off-road derbies and endure competitions are alive and thriving all around the world.  Wherever there are cars you will find people who want to crash them up!”

“We are very excited about this announcement!” says Sam Williams, promoter of Blizzard Bash, which was voted the best demolition derby event in the world.  Blizzard Bash is held in the state of Kansas during November when the average outside temperature is a chilly 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius).  “We host the largest indoor door demolition derby and have found that the inside show is the perfect environment to create a better show for the fans.  We have doubled attendance every year and feel that we will do so again next year.  We’ve had a great time promoting the event and we want to thank all the fans that voted us the BEST DEMOLITION DERBY IN THE WORLD!”

Greg Johnson, the promoter of the runner up derby, Fall Brawl, believes the secret for a great derby is making it easy for many people to compete.  “Fall Brawl offers an entry point for any competitor’s budget, from stock to pro modified, all in a variety of vehicles.  We do not require drivers to bring a ‘fresh, unused’ vehicle to the event and we even have a youth class for drivers aged 14-16.”

To attract big crowds, Russ Clark of Bash For Cash encourages derbies to offer a wide range of combative classes during events.  “Bash For Cash is a large money event that has a class everyone can enjoy.  We run power wheels, lawn mowers, compact cars for youths and adults, street stock (meaning no modifications permitted), old iron, 1980’s and newer and pro modified classes. Anyone at the derby can find a class to get excited about.”

The DEMOLITION DERBY LEAGUE would like to thank you to all the fans that participated in the voting.  Your support helps us continue to grow the opportunities for our sport Thank you!

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